Winter Shock Scorpion

Winchester docked in the one of the Church's bases

Winchester is the personal M8O8B "Scorpion" Battle Tank of the Church of Gaming's current Speaker, Austin. Winchester has seen extensive combat in the past, and is now only used as a last resort by Austin, who is extremley protective of it.


Winchester was used for heavy operations during the unification of the Gods, and during the early days of the Church. The Tank was mostly retired by the time of The Uber Wars, but was used in the heavy-duty battles for control of the Capital Wasteland.

Winchester was updated and put back into active duty near the climax of the Swarm Wars, and was used to push through Northrend into the Icecrown. The tank fought through waves of Undead and aided in the final battle against Sylvannas' final form, and survived the battle.


  • One 90mm High Velocity Cannon
  • Two M217T 7.62mm Medium mounted machine guns
  • Five A-21 Interior explosive canisters

Behind the ScenesEdit

Winchester is based on the Scorpion Tanks from the Halo franchise. The Winterised model, as seen on the Halo 3 map Avalanche, served as the base for the tank.