The Uber Wars was a massive conflict waged by the Church of Gaming and the Axis of Gaming. It caused large amounts of death and untold destruction through out the Lands of Gaming, and warped the landscape itself. After a long conflict, the Church of Gaming finally prevailed


First Blood CampaignEdit

The Willamette CampaignEdit

The Hyrule CampaignEdit

Main ConflictEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

The Uber Wars was originally a series of simple stories written to explain the Church's existance. It was written by Drayco90, Sabercrusader, Holycrusader1 and Alasterdemon. The project was started on January 24th, 2009 and was finished on March 15th that same year.

A few battles and concepts were never introduced, despite intentions otherwise, and are considered noncanon. Cut content battles include the Infiltration of ShinRa Company, the Battle of Hyrule and The Battle of Viridian City. Cut concepts include an upgrade to modernize Winchester (a concept later reintroduced during the Swarm Wars.), the formation of the Snow Troopers, a large battle featuring the Wump-Hunt Guild, and a Bull Wumpus appearance.