Action/Adventure and First-Person ShooterEdit

The spirit of action and adventure, the platformer great. A hero by name, and an alpha by fate; With a whip or a gun, or whatever may be, Nothing stands in his way with a princess in need.

Spirits 1-2

The spirit of action and adventure with the spirit of first person shooters

Along side him he saw, a rather peculiar lad. Quite by nature, with a desire to frag; First person shooters are his field, his sole expertise. And no one is better, at bringing noobs to thier knees.

Fighter and Real-Time strategyEdit

Spirits 3-4

Spirits of Fighting and Real-Time strategy.

And he couldn't mistake, with his many bruises and scrapes. The one who beats his opponenets into interesting shapes; It' the spirit of fighting games, and that's the reason he drools, Too many blows to the head, and kicks to the jewels

Be it surprise zergling rush, or skilled micro-managment. Through the fog of war, he saw the spirit that could handle it; Empires had risen and had fallen, under his sole command, There is no disguising the real-time strategy fan.