Shirley Temple
Vital statistics
Name Shirley Temple
Gender Unknown
Race Undead (Tank)
Faction The Swarm
Weapon Itself
Allignment The Swarm
Vehicle None

"You named the Tank... Shirley Temple?"

"Well sure, don't you see the resemblance?" -Skate987X and Dillon

Shirley Temple was one of the few named members of the Swarm armed forces, and was one of the many challenges faced by the Rook Squad. It was killed when Manuel Calavera and the Rooks concentraited fire on it, cutting it in half and finally curb-stomping it to death.


Shirley Temple was once a Orc, who was transformed into a Tank at some point before the Swarm Wars. Temple may or may not be one of the Tanks that attacked the Church forces during the Azeroth Expedition, but it is unlikley. Temple was amongst the tanks that managed to break through the Churches outer defenses, and entered into the lower side which was later transformed into the Ghetto District. It is presumed that Shirley Temple caused the death of many Binarians, as it was commanded to gaurd the outside of a warehouse full of meat to keep the Swarm forces from starving. When Rook Squadron launched it's mission to destroy the warehouse, Shirley Temple attacked the Rooks on the Highway, where it nearly incapacitated Domerix, beat down Skate and DIllon, and nearly killed Tristan. It was killed by Manuel Cavalera, who used a Tommy Gun to nearly sever it at the spine, Domerix who DID cut it in half, and Dillon who finally ended it with a curb stomp, finally killing it. A little brutal? Maybe. Complete overkill? Obviously. Dillon then named the Tank Shirley Temple, a name confusing Manny to great lengths.

Behind the SceneEdit

Shirley Temple itself is a character unique to the Church of Gaming fictional multiverse, but Tanks appear in the Left 4 Dead game series, where they serve as the Zombie horde's most destructive unit, requiring extreme skill and coordination from all four players just to kill it with a few team members still standing, much less all four. Shirley Temple was the name of a famous child actor (Hence the joke), Shirley Temple played many musical roles, singing about animal crackers and what-nots. British people had some problems with Shirley Temple, one Brit Reviewer even claimed that she was too "...nubile and overly sexual for a 9 year old girl...", so yeah...