Rupture Farms Cadre

The Azeroth Rupture Farms facillity.

Rupture Farms was a massive facility on Azeroth, and was once one of the largest food manufacturors in all the Lands of Gaming. It was destroyed by the Church of Gaming.


Founded by Molluck before The Uber Wars, Rupture Farms distributed food to many diffrent markets, such as the Willamette Mall. A huge press backlash, based on the heavy use of slaves, put them under hard economic times. Ironicly, the near-bankrupcy caused Rupture Farms to begin turning their slaves into foods, as they couldn't afford large stocks of regular supplies. This move increased the need for slaves, and they began shipping Mudoken out of Oddworld for that purpose.

When the Church of Gaming arrived on Azeroth, the Horde asked for their assitance in destroying Rupture Farms, and Austin agreed, freeing the Mudokens and capturing Molluck. The facility was torn down and the Mudoken joined the Horde.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Rupture Farms originates from the Oddworld game series, and more specificly Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Oddworld: Abe's Exodus. In the game series, Rupture Farms has enslaved the Mudokens and have driven a number of the Oddworld inhabitants extinct by turning them into food. Due to theses shortages, the owner of the Farms, Molluck, has decided to use the plentiful Mudoken slaves as meat. A Mudoken, Abe, overhears this and goes on a holy journery to save his kind. After killing the entire board of executives and releasing 100 slaves, he is captured, but is rescued by the "holy ones" before his execution.

Later in Abe's Exodus, Abe is told of an ancient Mudoken burial ground, Necrum, which is being dug up by Rupture Farms using Mudoken slaves that had been blinded. Turning the remains into a highly addictive soda drink, Rupture Farms began to retake control of the Mudoken people. Fourtunatley Abe breaks their addiction, freeing 300 slaves and blowing up the Soulstorm brewery.