Mudokon Warrior

A Mudokon Warrior wielding a club.

Mudokon are a spiritual people native to a foreign land known as Mudos, but now reside in Azeroth. Once enslaved by Rupture Farms, the Mudokon have proven to be a powerful asset to The Horde since being freed during the Azeroth Expedition by the Church of Gaming.


Mudokon were once a proud, spiritual people who lived off the land, their legacy has become lost because of exploitation by industrial forces. Enslaved by Rupture Farms, the Mudokon had spent centuries working in cruel and violent conditions. After an economic shortage in the Farms, the Mudokons were ground into food and sold over-seas.

After the Church of Gaming arrived on Azeroth The Horde informed them of the Mudokon's plight, and the Church lead a brutal uprising amongst the slaves, which resulted in the destruction of the farms. Freed at last, the Mudokon were permitted into The Horde. It is currently unknown if The Horde is still together, as the Swarm seem to have taken control of Azeroth.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mudokon are the main race of the Oddworld game franchise. The main character, Abe, is the choosen one of the Mudokons, who freed his people from Rupture Farms in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, and later rescued his people from the effects of the highly addictive Soulstorm Brew and kept them from digging up their ancestors by the Magog Cartel in Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus. Abe teamed up with Munch, a Gabbit, to save the last can of "Gabbiar", which contain the last Gabbit eggs, as well as save more Mudokons. Oddly they did not appear in the final Oddworld game- Stranger's Wrath.

Due to the studio closing and becoming more film-based, multiple Oddworld titles were cancelled. An RTS game called "Hand of Odd" was planned, and free Mudokons were the main basis behind the Tree-Hugger faction, however the Land Mugger faction had Mudokon slaves. Abe and Munch were ment to appear as hero units for the Tree-Huggers, and Munch had the abillity to free Land Mugger slaves.