COG Marine

A squad of Church Marines

The Marines were once the rank and file soldiers who volunteered for defending the Church of Gaming, but after the events of the Uber Wars they were converted into a full-time millitary force to defend the lands and eleminate factions hostile to the Church. They have become famous amongst the Lands of Gaming for their efficiency and dry sarcasm.


The Marines were originally nothing more than Church volunteers who wanted to defend their homes and allies from the dangers of the Lands. The Marines were a small and relativley untested fighting force before the rise of the Axis of Gaming, and during the course of the Uber Wars they became an efficient army. They were the standard troop deployed during the various campaigns throughout the war, and were often used in large numbers, most notabley when James was in command.

A troop of Marines accompined Austin, Scott and Adam during their expedition to the newly discovered continet of Azeroth. Despite their training and skills the Marines lost nearly every battle, and suffered casulties until the point where none remained when the commanders returned home. They did, however, live up to their reputation during the Battle of Rupture Farms. There was a host of Marines to help fight back the Swarm at the end of the expedition- a battle which would kick-start the two front Swarm War.

Duringg the Swarm Wars, the Marines continued to be a valuble asset in both Northrend and on the Homefront, though many fell to the infection. They fought fiercley and eventually pushed their way to the Icecrown in Northrend and sent the majority of enemy forces running from their homes.

It is likely the Marines will appear as a main fighting force in the Second Uber Wars.


Marines have used a wide array of fire-arms including standard issue Battle Rifels, Assault Rifles, M-6 Hand Cannons, M90A Shotguns, Zebra Grenades, M9 SSM Rocket Launchers, Experimental Mirvs, Sniper Rifles, Frags, Combat Knifes, Plasma Cutters, Paintball Guns and Chainsaw Bayonettes. The Marines are trained to both use all types of conventional warfare weapons and less than traditional means to handicap and elimenate their foes. As a result of their training Marines don't have a specialty in any specific weapons, but are efficent enough to not be useless with one.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Marines are often shown in pictures based on the Marines from the Halo series, but are actually a combination of the Halo Marines, Doom Marines, and Space Marines from Warcraft 40,000.