Manuel Calavera
Manny enjoys a smoke
Vital statistics
Title Grim Reaper, Travel Agent
Name Manuel Calavera
Gender Male
Race Undead
Faction The Swarm (Formerly)
Weapon Handguns, Tommy Gun
Allignment Neutral
Vehicle Any car provided for him

"You can't hide from the Grim Reaper. Especially when he's got a gun."

Manuel "Manny" Calavera is an undead Travel Agent in the Land of the Dead, where he is quite disappointed that none of the souls he gets were good enough in life to be able to buy a premium package, which threaten his job and possibly his life.


The Video GameEdit

It has been confirmed that Manny will make an appearance in the game, and will elaborate on an important promise made to him by Austin.

The Swarm WarsEdit

Manny stayed on Earth, waiting for Drayco's promise to come true, and during this time Manny was called to Northrend like all undead, but he resisted the Banshee Queen's rule, and tried to escape. He was captured, and was infected with a Headcrab, controlling him, and using him to assassinate targets. Manny was stationed on the highway when The Rooks arrived to destroy the warehouse there, and he was freed by Tristan when he sniped the Headcrab. Manny then helped kill Shirley Temple, the Tank stationed on the highway. Even though he was asked to further aid the Rooks, Manny simply left, claiming to have eliminated the Swarm's outer defenses. It was not his fight.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Manny comes from the LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango released in 1998. Manny is frustrated by his inabillity to sell any premium packages to his clients because they all sinned too much in life, dreaming of the day he can sell a ticket to the "Number Nine" train that will take souls on a 4 minute journey to peacefull slumber rather than 4 years. In his frustration, Manny steals a client from a fellow worker, and is surprised to discover she does not qualify for a ticket, despite her bieng pure of heart. He soon discovers that his boss has rigged the computers so that he can hoarde ticket for a local Crime Lord and the rightfull ticket owners are bieng forced to work in a mine as slaves, but they can't board the Number Nine without their tickets, so Many returns to the city to retrieve them, now under the Crime Lord's control, Manny defeats the Crime Lord, his boss, and obtains the tickets. For his good work, he is also allowed to board the Number Nine and rest peacfully. Manny made a (presumabley non-canon) cameo in the third Monkey Island game, also created by Lucas arts.

It should be noted the Manny was created by gaming legend Tim Schafer, who also created the Monkey Island series, Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Psychonauts, and most recently, Brutal Legend.