Experimental Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle
The Experimental MIRV
Vital statistics
Type Weapon of Mass Destruction
Effects Death, Radiation, Mutation, Intense Burns, Sickness
Source Church of Gaming
Cost to buy Not Purchasable
Cost to sell Not Sellable

The infamous Experimental Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle, better known as the Experimental MIRV was a Weapon of Mass Destruction capable of death and destruction on a massive scale. The MIRV fired a miniature nuclear payload, oblitering everything within the blast radius. The weapon was so dangerous to both the target and the wielder, that if the weapon was present with a unit they all required speacial armor to survive. Only Austin had the authority to commision a MIRV's construction, and only he could order it's use.


The MIRV design was initially turned down by the original Church for being to destructive and not cost-effective. After Austin discovered the blueprints, he agreed and refused a second offer to build the weapon. The Speaker changed his mind after seeing the danger the Axis of Gaming presented, and the weapon was only used once during the Uber Wars- to destroy the town of Willamette via airstrike, effectivley cutting off the Swarm from gaining a foot hold in the Lands of Gaming.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Experimental MIRV is based on a Big Gun from Fallout 3. The Fallout 3 MIRV was a modified Fat Man Launcher that fired multiple mini nukes instead of one, and was located in the National Guard Depot after finding all five of the Keller Family transcripts. It is the single most powerful weapon in the game, but it's ammo is sparce and is only recommeded for hopeless situations and massive enemies.