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The Church of Gaming (sometimes simply COG) is the main goverment in the Lands of Gaming, based on the worship of the Gods of Gaming. The Original Church was wiped out at the end of the Old Age, leaving a large gap of time before being reformed by the new champion of the gods, Austin.

The Original ChurchEdit

The first Church existed during what is now known as the Old Age. This original church unified the Lands under one banner, before being destroyed from the inside and the out. Little is known of this time, as much history was lost over time, but the current Church is still attempting to rediscover it's origins.

The Church of Gaming (Modern)Edit

Under the control of the Speaker, Austin, the new Church of Gaming began to re-unify the peoples of the Lands together once again. After a series of trials to prove their worth, the original members (Austin, James, Scott, and Adam) were given the Gods consent to restart the COG. During this time, a stream of corrupt data began making it's way into the Lands of Gaming, and eventually formed into the Twilight Archon, who created the Axis of Gaming.

The Church and Axis fought a fierce war for control of the Lands of Gaming, which would lead to the destruction of the first Church building itself. The war would come to be known as The Uber Wars, and would lead to the Church military to become a highly-trained fighting force, as well as earn a large amount of territory in a short time. In the end, the COG defeated the Axis, and started the construction of a new Church on top Mt. Gaming.

After taking control of most the Lands of Gaming, the COG began to expand and search for new lands. The search lead them to the land of Azeroth, where they would battle the Swarm, a destructive zombie horde first encountered in the Uber Wars, and gained alliances with the Horde. This Expedition to Azeroth would lead directly into the Swarm Wars, a two-front war where The COG battled the Swarm in their homeland of Northrend and the Swarm was invading the Lands of Gaming.