The Axis of Gaming Flag

The Axis of Gaming is a goverment in the Lands of Gaming, created by the Twilight Archon

Axis HistoryEdit

The Axis was formed when a piece of Corrupt Data arrived in the lands. The corrupt data formed the Twilight Archon and mutated a small secton of the land into the Axis Citadel. The Axis became determined to take control of the Lands of Gaming, and waged a war with the Church of Gaming, a war which was later known as The Uber Wars.

The Axis won many early victories, and managed to destroy the original building the Church operated out of, but the war was ended when the Twilight Archon was killed by Austin on the Pantheon of Mt. Gaming. The Axis dissolved with it's leadership dead, and most the survivors fell back to the Citadel.

Axis Armed ForcesEdit

The Axis Millitary was formed out of the remnants of the various evil-alligned armies in the Lands, many of which were pushed back or thought destroyed after the Church took power. Most Notable contributors include The Covenant, Ganon's Rebellion, and Bowser's Royal Armed Forces. The Axis armed forces involved in combat are often based on the Commanders in charge, for example; When Ganon is in charge, his rebellion makes up the majority of the assaulting force.

Generally Krual leads the attacks, and as a Brute Cheiftan, the original Axis army during the Uber Wars contained Covenant units.

Behind the ScenesEdit